Episode II: Gardens & Legendaries

I honestly didn’t expect to be making another post so soon what with my “at least twice a week” goal, but when you’re unemployed and just keeping house you find interesting things to do. My boy gets up early and goes to work, such a sweetie, so I’ve taken to begrudgingly cleaning.

To brighten the day a bit though, I started a mini garden. Now, when you’re in an apartment there really isn’t too much space so my garden consists of four pots sitting on the 4ft by 2ft concrete slab that is our “porch.”

Growing up we always had gardens. Whether it was in the scorching heat of Southern California or the lush suburbia of Maryland, we had something growing in the backyard. It’s been a few years since I’ve had my own garden and thanks to a little inspiration of home improvement stores bursting with color as well as my upstairs neighbor I set about to make a little patch of green.

Considering the limited space, I opted for plants that could do well in pots. So there’s an Asiatic lily starting to bloom next to three little strawberry plants in a big basin, a small pot of catnip for the kitties and a deep pot to hold the little seeds that I hope will turn into cucumbers. It’s not much, but I’ll keep you updated on the progress. The strawberries have already perked up and look ready to burst into a growing sessions. The catnip happily soaks up some sun and looks like a mini bush. Still waiting on the cucumber seeds to show life. GROW LITTLE SEEDS GROW!!!

The first day I had my little garden, fresh in their pots!

So as I wait for my garden to yield delicious and beautiful things, I’m also awaiting an exciting patch in World of Warcraft. As I said, I’m a gamer. I play Xbox and WoW, dabbled in Rift and can get sucked into a browser-based game for hours. I found Angry Birds online the other day, two hours in my boy starts playing too. I kept playing until I reached a level I couldn’t beat >_>.

Coming up in the next patch? New places! New quests! New raids! And best of all? New legendary caster weapon!!! I have to share because I’ll be getting the first one in my guild. It’s just oh so exciting. Fantastic stats on it, turns you into a blue dragon, rewards the guild with an adorable pet… what’s not to love?

Tarecgosa Whelp

Pet awarded from the legendary courtesy of mmo-champ.com

Currently on my “to finish” list for games:


Lego Indiana Jones


Possibly coming soon to the list:

LA Noire (heard really good things about it!)

Coming up tomorrow (or whenever I post next) Enchiladas for One and a short discussion on the awesome-ness of toaster ovens.


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