Trilogy! Enchiladas, Toaster Oven & LA Noire

Of all kitchen small appliances that I have, the toaster oven is by far the most versatile. With just the boy and me it really helps cut back on power bills and heating up our small apartment when I use the toaster oven instead of the regular oven. You can toast sandwiches, make nachos, bake potatoes, make mini monkey bread and sooooo much more.

And let’s say that whoever you live with is a bit of a picky eater, maybe he isn’t a fan of Mexican while you desperately love it. Yes, it’s true, I love Mexican food. Years in southern California have spoiled me rotten and here in the middle of potato fields there just aren’t an abundance of choices for any ethnic food. Greek, Thai, Mexican, Arabic…. <sigh>.

So when I’m needing Mexican and the boy gives me that patient, being led to slaughter look, I improvise. Out of the need for enchiladas and the picky palate of my boy, I found a way to make enchiladas for one in the toaster oven. He eats leftovers, I eat melty cheesy goodness, everyone wins. So here it is, the toaster oven wonder-

Enchiladas for One

2 flour tortillas

1 to 2 cups shredded cheese

Salsa or 1 can enchilada sauce


sliced black olives


diced cooked chicken (cook in a little oil with cumin, salt, pepper and chile powder)

sauteed onions

Cover toaster oven pan with some aluminum foil and microwave the tortillas for about 10seconds to make them soft. Put some cheese down the center of each tortilla, add any of your optionals at this time. Take your salsa or enchilada sauce and pour approximately two tablespoons over the cheese and optionals. Fold over the sides of the tortilla, place seam side down on the toaster oven pan. Cover the tops with more salsa or sauce then smother with the cheese. Put in the toaster oven on bake, 350* for about 8 to 10 minutes or until all the cheese is amazingly melty.

You’ll devour them and love the super easy cleanup.

Now what to do while eating all that melty goodness? Perhaps…. watch the boy play LA Noire? Yes, that sounds excellent. Yesterday while picking up various summer essentials like anti-death-by-sun cream we also grabbed a copy of LA Noire. For those of you pale like me who do not tan ever, you should understand. Anywho, LA Noire is a single-player game but my boy and I manage to make them multi-player games. He takes the controller, I make the choices. It works out well especially since we found that I’m better at questioning/interrogation. This game is as good as I heard, you put the pieces together and solve mysteries in a real gum-shoe fashion. There’s some great backstory too and the backdrop of 1950’s Los Angeles is beautifully crafted. Rockstar games, who made GTA, Max Payne and Red Dead, have a great engine at the base of this game.

Now if just solving mysteries sounds boring to you, no worries! There’s plenty of action too! Chasing suspects, tailing suspects, shoot outs and hostage situations. Plus, not everything is just handed to you. A lot of times evidence is semi-misleading and suspects lie. You have to choose if someone is telling the truth, you doubt them or you think they’re lying. You get points for the right reaction and it’s really quite exciting. I’d definitely give it 9/10.

Last bit of news before I sign off for now- my lily bloomed! It’s so gorgeous!

Asiatic Lily in bloom!


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  1. That Lily is gorgeous! Lily’s are my favorite flower and that one is stunning Val. And can’t wait to try the recipes if I can get my boy to actually pick up the ingredients.

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