Quatro: Addictive Dip & Hangover II

Last night was our first game night with our upstairs neighbor. It was great to hang out, socialize and play some great card games. All three of us are pretty new to town and don’t have a ton of friends yet so a night like that is really good. It makes me feel like I’m social and have friends outside of the internet. But don’t worry internet friends, I still love you.


While playing Uno and Phase 10 we of course needed finger food to keep our strategy forming minds sharp. Our gracious host has some awesome homemade veggie dip and tasty breadsticks. I wracked my brain for a bit trying to figure out what to bring. At first I thought deviled eggs, a classic. But that just felt…. lame. So on a hunt I went and what I found was the most addictive amazingly simple dip ever.


Beer Cheese Dip

(adapted from tasteofhome.com)


2 pkgs of cream cheese (8oz each)

1 pkg ranch dressing mix

2cups shredded cheddar cheese

½ to ¾ cups beer (your favorite or non-alcoholic)

Pretzels for dipping


Let the cream cheese sit out for a while to soften or zap in the microwave for about 30seconds to loosen up. Dump in the ranch mix and the beer. Blend until fluffy and fully mixed. Incorporate the shredded cheese. Serve immediately with pretzels or cover and refrigerate for later.


And that’s it. So easy but trust me, you will be amazed how delicious it is. Surprisingly it isn’t overly cheesy or overpowered with the ranch. Somehow it balances out perfectly. I’m sure you could serve it with chips, veggies (it’s good with carrots) or what have you. The pretzels really pair well though.


Speaking of pretzels, I love love love them. Next post I’ll share my favorite soft pretzel recipe and maybe even experiment with a sweet cinnamon version…


Anyhow, game night was most definitely a success. Awesome time, will do again!


Today as a wonderful follow-up to the Memorial Day weekend bonanza my amazing boy and I went to see The Hangover Part II. Holy crap. It was definitely good. A lot of the same tricks and gimmicks were used granted, but it was still well done. The backdrop of Thailand is gorgeous to say the least. Tiny spoiler- the monkey is sooooo cute and Alan’s gift for Stu is truly perfect.


If you enjoyed the first one at all, you’ll have a good time seeing this one!


Tomorrow will hopefully be a good wrap-up of the weekend with a solid raid night. My guild is downing heroics like champs, it’s super fun.


Before I end this post though, I do have to say something about Memorial Day. It’s a day about those who have died in service to the nation I call home. There are a lot of military members in my family, including my dad and brother. Fortunately I haven’t lost any family to war, though some have been injured. It’s times like this that I think of the sacrifice of so many.


Whether you agree with the politics of any war, you should always support those who put their lives on the line to stand up for something, to make a difference. And it’s not just the soldier, it’s their family too. I remember crying for my dad in kindergarten because he’d been gone for so long deployed on a ship for the Gulf War (the original). Years later there were many times I rolled my eyes at my mom who cried at patriotic songs or wore flag festooned outfits, but I take them all back.


Thank you to the men and women who went to war.


Thank you to their families who supported them.


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