New Beers & Road Trip

Well, not that the beer and road trip are mixing!

This past Saturday I went out with a friend, we explored some of downtown and tried out different bars as we went. It was a great time, really the first time I’ve gone out on the town here. Surprisingly there’s a rather large and vibrant area, several clubs, pubs, bars and grills. We went for a relaxed night and only had two beers each, but both of us being lightweights 40oz total was plenty!


The first beer I had was called Ace Pear, the server described it as “candy beer” which sounded awesome. If they had handed it to me in a wine glass and told me it was white wine, I would have believed them. The beer was an amazing clear canary yellow color, light, sweet, fruit notes and totally easy drinking. I could easily down a few glasses of it and be happy. If you can find it, try it.


Second up was another server suggestion at a different pub (affectionately called an ale house) which came from a California brewery and was called Summer Solstice. It had great citrus notes and this lovely mellow after taste. I would have gladly had a second helping but we were still deciding who was going to drive home.


All in all it was a fantastic night with good conversation and yummy drinks. Granted beer doesn’t exactly fit into my eating plan… But if you don’t occasionally enjoy life then what’s the point. Speaking of the shift in eating, it’s been going pretty well. I found some Lean Cuisine meals that fit into the plan which helps alleviate some of the pressure to find recipes and constant cooking.


Coming up on Tuesday though, my boy and I are taking a day trip to a nearby town where he has an interview for a big job! It’s about two hours away and considering I have to eat about every two hours now, I’m thinking some car friendly snacks are in order.


My first thought was- fruit salad! Yes, definitely a good choice. I have so much fresh fruit as it is, but how to keep it nice and cool on a long car ride… Frozen peaches, of course! So here it is, my own fruit salad mix.



Val’s Fabulous Fruit Salad

(enough for one but easily adapted for sharing!)


2-3 frozen peaches

3 strawberries


Pineapple (chunk or rings cut up)

1 packet of sugar substitute (I like Splenda)


Rinse and clean all the fruit. Hull and quarter the strawberries. Cut up pineapple if necessary and cut frozen peaches in half. In a small container combine all of the fruit with the sugar substitute, mix until dissolved.


You can make it ahead and pop it in the freezer overnight but I’d recommend making it the morning of as the peaches will keep everything cold. Blueberries, blackberries, pears or apples can also be added!



Hopefully the drive will go smoothly with this snack to help along the way! I’m rooting for my boy to get the job too as it would be a fantastic opportunity for him. He’s a smart cookie and deserves it for sure.


Well, a bit shorter today but more recipes with a bit of a healthy spin are on the way!


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